Restorations Incorporated began in 1968 as the business of Dean and Joanne Newberg. They worked out of the small addition Dean had built onto their home, and called themselves ABC Construction, for “Always Better Construction”.

True to its name, the business grew quickly as a quality provider of catastrophe restoration. Buildings all over the city displayed ABC’s talent, and Dean and Joanne found themselves outgrowing several successive locations. By 1985, ABC Construction had changed its name to Restorations Incorporated, and was located on the corner of Hall and Division in Grand Rapids, where it stays to this day.

The Second Generation…

In 1998, the Newberg’s daughter, Elizabeth Holmes, joined the family company. Continuing her parents’ dedication to excellent restoration, remodeling and preservation, Elizabeth brought the business into the 21st century, and became president in 2005.

In the time that Elizabeth’s been with Restorations, the company has achieved “Preferred Contractor Status” with nearly every Michigan insurance company. The business is also expanding as a local, full-service remodeling contractor.

The Third Generation…

Michael Holmes is Elizabeth’s son, and currently in his sixth year of training for the continuation of Restoration Incorporated established reputation as a full-service contractor. Remodeling will continue to make up an increasing area of service, and we will incorporate exciting advances in technology and approach.

Being in business since 1968 (and counting), and Restorations Incorporated is proud to be a leader in local restoration, remodeling and preservation. Whatever your property needs…