Content / Cleaning Services

In the aftermath of a fire, flood or other catastrophe, you undoubtedly worry about those invaluable items that can never be replaced, such as wedding dresses, family china and photographs, and more.

With our own excellent contents and structure cleaning services staff, we assure you that “If it can be saved, it will be saved.” The Restorations Inc. team is trained in every aspect of the cleaning needed after an insurance claim, and works hard to help you preserve your memories. We are also certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for carpet, upholstery and fabric cleaning.

Beginning with a complete written and graphic inventory of your belongings, we create a record for you, ourselves and the insurance company. Once the building itself is repaired and safe for occupancy, we will return and reinstall your now clean property where it belongs, making your home or business as comfortable and functional as it was before.